Cheaper Makeup Brands V’s The Expensive Brands (Highlighters!)

  So these options aren’t going to be for everyone and some products are what work for me at home and some I take with me. Ok, so lets chat about highlighters actually this post ended up being only about highlighters lol.. There are so many on the market and it depends on how brightContinue reading “Cheaper Makeup Brands V’s The Expensive Brands (Highlighters!)”

Cheaper Makeup Brands V’s The Espensive

Years ago the cheaper brands were like their name might suggest pretty cheap and yep they were pretty nasty! Eyeshadows had really low pigment content and you would use half a tub to apply one look and blending was pretty non-existent! Eyeliners were pretty much the same and super hard or really soft, lack ofContinue reading “Cheaper Makeup Brands V’s The Espensive”

My Rae Morris brushes have just arrived!

My Rae Morris brushes have just arrived, the selected few I purchased (for now anyway! We’ll see how they go with the finish product) They look amazing and well presented. Each brush was individually sealed and the radiance brush was sent in a Rae Morris signature box. I am excited to use them. They are super soft asContinue reading “My Rae Morris brushes have just arrived!”