Advice when booking your Hair and Makeup Artist for Your wedding day.

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It is quite daunting when the time comes to book in a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for such a big day as your wedding. As we all have our own likes, ways, colours and technique you may be worried or weary you won’t achieve the look and be completely happy on your day.

One suggestion when you begin to look for an artist kindly ask to see their professional portfolio including work in different areas of the industry as this will show versatility and will also show a larger scale of booked work. Though saying this you will need to see many bridal pictures and ensure they all aren’t from the professional photographer as they have gone through an editing program.

When looking through the artists portfolio there really are two areas in relation to makeup you need to look at thoroughly prior to booking your trial. The base, the foundation needs to blend perfectly with the skin in the correct tone and look like her own though perfected. You don’t need to go with airbrushing to get a fabulous covered effect to, good products can do this.

If your artist fails this crucial step you can end up looking pale, washed out, foundation can look thick, greyish, orange and god forbid stop harshly at the jaw line. It really won’t matter if the rest of your styling is absolutely perfect it will all be wasted as people will be now only focusing on your skin.

The next focus is on the eyes. Ensure the artist has a range of natural styles, smoky eye looks, bronze tones and with and without lashes for example. If your exact look is not there don’t worry as long as all the styles you see throughout the portfolio you like.

Most importantly it needs to work well together. Once I book in my client I ask her for a full list of visual aids and have had the conversation as to what she really likes and the little things she may not like on her or feel comfortable wearing. My job is to give her the look she has chosen though use my magic and make the look suited and work for her.

When you start planning you will start to see a pattern in your wedding style, a little tip is each time you see a style of either makeup, hair or a combination that works keep a copy to come back to later. It will then be a process of elimination to find the one you love, the look that will suit your dress and your head wear if applicable such as your veil.

I ask everyone to send through pictures of their hair and makeup style so these pictures will then come in handy. When I arrive at the trial we have a starting point and run through what the bride or client likes from each of the pictures sent through.

I find if I have a visual and we have discussed finer details, only small easy to make changes ever need to be made and it saves everyone time, money and sanity.
I always relay to the client you must be honest and allow time for your trial so we can make changes until you are completely happy. Once finished I take a professional SLR picture of her makeup and hair. I do this step so the client can see the finish from each side (which I will then send via email) plus this picture allows me to see what at times the natural eye cant such as reflective pigments, shine and the flash can wash out blush and lip colours.

One tip is don’t change you too much, for example if you don’t wear makeup that often don’t go too strong! Your husband loves you and just wants to see a beautified you.
Hope to meet you xx
Karly D




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