Renewing my vows on our tenth year!!

I love weddings, I work with brides and its just a happy place to be when there is little drama..? 🙂

I love magazines more so than jumping online, the smell ripping or folding over my favorite pages. Even though I was married 7 years ago i want to celebrate again which will be our 10th year wedding anniversary and 20 years together! I dont feel old enough! And that deserves celebrating don’t you think??

We didn’t have a photographer and missed the important shots and it was small and intimate and still perfect but this is what this girl wants to do excuses aside hehe!

Ok so were moving into our new home in a year or so, so I thought I would have the ceremony and party there maybe… Depending if i can be bothered with the clean up before and afterwards with work and kids!!

I would love a photo shoot with us and my 3 kids in a field and just capture as many as possible, come home take some getting ready with my daughter and then of course everyone who attends x

I have attached a few ideas of what i have stuck with over the last year or two..The female brain changes its mind so much..

I love the look of the flowing skirts or even a structured gown that is simple.

With food I just want a gorgeous antipasto nibble table and lots of whisky to enjoy into the night! 🙂

Well that’s the start, I want to share it with you because its fun and i love the diversities in weddings and the options are really now endless!

For wedding makeup and hair jump onto

Should you hire a makeup artist for your wedding day? a makeup artist will be a new experience for many brides-to-be, so not only can it be daunting, it can be difficult to know how and where to source an expert makeup artist. Having a professional apply your makeup on the big day can be a lovely treat, but if you’re unsure if you want one, read on and your beauty blunders will be resolved.
Wedding makeup artist tip 1: The basics
If you’re in the process of searching for a bridal makeup artist then our top advice is to try and find one by recommendation. Ask married friends, your photographer, your hairdresser or you can request a suppliers list from the wedding venue.  Or you could always use forums to ask other brides. Once you’ve found two or three makeup artists with a promising portfolio, contact them to obtain a quote and to check their availability. makeup artist fees can vary and will be dependent on their experience, products and their location in relation to you. Do find out which makeup products the artist uses, as a good one should carry premium brands to ensure makeup longevity and a professional looking finish.
Wedding makeup artist tip 2: Getting started
Once you have found the right makeup artist you should book a makeup trial. A trial is recommended for a number of reasons; so you can get to know the makeup artist, discuss requirements and make sure the look created is right. Plus, it’s a great experience and gives you the opportunity to pick up a few beauty tips. Bridal makeup trials should usually take a couple of hours and are normally carried out around 4-8 weeks prior to the wedding date. Some handy hints here are to book your trial for the morning so you have the whole day to road test your makeup. Also, book your hair trial for the same day so you can see the wedding look as a whole. You should only need one trial if you have found a professional and if it isn’t perfect on first go your artist is there to alter and work with you. The only time you need to book in another artist is if they are incredibly unprofessional, unreliable or there final finish is hideous.
Please note: You do only need to book in the bride for both Hair and Makeup to save costs. For your bridal party you can supply a range of pictures for the artist to use as reference on the day.
Wedding makeup artist tip 3: What to expect
A makeup artist should always carry out a consultation before any makeup application commences. The makeup specialist will ask questions about the look you want them to create and about your skin type so they can select appropriate products for your skin’s needs.  Once you have had your makeover, this is your opportunity to give feedback – don’t be shy, ladies. Be sure to express exactly what you want for your wedding day. At the end of your trial your makeup artist will document the products and techniques used so they can recreate the perfect look on your wedding day.
Wedding makeup artist tip 3: Check list
Some brides might panic in the last stages of wedding planning and haphazardly contact the first makeup artist they come across. Perhaps they’ve had a run-in with their rouge or a bust-up with their bronzer and they seek professional help in a hurry. However, something so important shouldn’t be rushed into. Keep the following pointers in mind before you hand over your cash, and your complexion!
A skilled and professional makeup artist…
•Has the skills and professional products to keep your makeup looking fresh and flawless all day
•Understands how flash photography affects the appearance of makeup, therefore selects and supplies appropriate cosmetics
•Provides peace of mind and reassurance for those who lack confidence in their own appearance – they will put you at ease and assure you that you will look how you intend to
•Saves you time and money in researching and sourcing your own cosmetics
•Gives you professional one-to-one advice during your makeup trial, helping achieve the most from your beauty and skincare regime
•Is a useful member of the wedding team; a good makeup artist will not stop at the makeup. They will assist with buttonholes, dresses and fascinators where needed
•Is great for calming last minute nerves and will put any concerns at ease
•Provides an enjoyable pampering treatment so the bride can sit and relax
Wedding makeup artist tip 5: Still unsure about booking a makeup artist?
Even if you are fabulous at applying your own makeup nerves and jitters can make this job quite difficult. I couldn’t pass the brushes to another professional on my wedding day and it was just too much doing my own and my bridesmaids makeup. Once I got to the lashes I was a bundle of energy and just couldn’t get them on. Things like this can happen to professional artists and time definitely flies on your wedding day.

Good Luck xo

These Arbonne makeup brushes girls tick all the boxes!

As a makeup artist not using brushes is a little freaky to me. Iv tried using my fingers to apply my foundation and even beauty sponge blenders but its hard work and my makeup doesn’t seem to last as long and I love a flawless finish..

I have to let you girls know about these brushes because when we need to purchase brushes for home or for even for work there are just so many things we are looking for. When you just want to get a few good brushes for home the choices are a little blah to be honest!
Some of the ones iv seen there ok though but there still around $20 each. Most companies offer brushes separately and I tell you that becomes really expensive. I have spent $68 alone on one brush which is just nuts (though needed for work and used for each job so justified..)

The brushes I’m reviewing are Arbonne here are a Swiss company though you can purchase here in Australia so don’t stress and they are 100% synthetic and absolute genius. They tick the boxes for me, which are how well they blend, softness, strength, being economical, product pick up and minimal product waste so girls with these brushes girls im ticking..

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When you are working in the trade there are additional brushes you will need of course but most of your kit is here.

I use these brushes at home though I also take these to work with me every day. I have only changed my brushes twice in 5 years and that was just because I felt like doing so. The hairs don’t fall out and the glue is considerably strong.

Below is the large size which is perfect for most things like powders, blush, contouring, larger eye brushes, brows and a lip brush.

.Arbonne brushes, cheap brushes, the best makeup brushes


This 10 piece brush set is only $50 which is so incredibly cheap for professional quality brushes. I have had mine for a long time and they withstand stand weekly or twice weekly cleaning.

The travel size brush set (below) I love for the eye brushes their smaller than the larger one. When you’re looking for eye brushes look for brushes that have a flatter tip so you can get into the corners though you can apply while shading both ways.

brushes travel sz - Copy


If you use these brushes I’d love your thoughts, how do you find them?

If you want to purchase let me know I have a contact who can get your brushes out to you in a few days.

Hope you enjoy your week lovelies xx

Bleaching my eye brows for the first time!!

Bleaching my eyebrows

You have to love flash lights and bad lighting!

Ok, I bleached my hair blonde recently and I love it especially as my skin tone is white with pasty blue undertones.. I am a big fan of fashion pics and I also love the pictures of models with blonde or really light brows.

I did a little research about different bleachers and after a little miss information from a salon I used a 20v peroxide and a developer.

I was freaking out just a little so I first did the test patch and then left it on for about two minutes and washed off…Just in case I went very light especially as my hair bleaches very quick!

My eye brows are stubborn so I ended up leaving it on both for about 20 or so minutes and the result was pretty good… There no where near blonde though they are a few shades lighter and softer. I really like it

Do you know how to get that lovely blonde colour without the warmth as I throw quite a bit of gold??

P.S excuse my selfie, night lights and flash show everything especially no makeup Xx