Renewing my vows on our tenth year!!

I love weddings, I work with brides and its just a happy place to be when there is little drama..? 🙂 I love magazines more so than jumping online, the smell ripping or folding over my favorite pages. Even though I was married 7 years ago i want to celebrate again which will be ourContinue reading “Renewing my vows on our tenth year!!”

Should you hire a makeup artist for your wedding day? a makeup artist will be a new experience for many brides-to-be, so not only can it be daunting, it can be difficult to know how and where to source an expert makeup artist. Having a professional apply your makeup on the big day can be a lovely treat, but if you’re unsure if youContinue reading “Should you hire a makeup artist for your wedding day?”

These Arbonne makeup brushes girls tick all the boxes!

As a makeup artist not using brushes is a little freaky to me. Iv tried using my fingers to apply my foundation and even beauty sponge blenders but its hard work and my makeup doesn’t seem to last as long and I love a flawless finish.. I have to let you girls know about theseContinue reading “These Arbonne makeup brushes girls tick all the boxes!”

Bleaching my eye brows for the first time!!

Ok, I bleached my hair blonde recently and I love it especially as my skin tone is white with pasty blue undertones.. I am a big fan of fashion pics and I also love the pictures of models with blonde or really light brows. I did a little research about different bleachers and after a little miss informationContinue reading “Bleaching my eye brows for the first time!!”

Advice when booking your Hair and Makeup Artist for Your wedding day.

  It is quite daunting when the time comes to book in a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for such a big day as your wedding. As we all have our own likes, ways, colours and technique you may be worried or weary you won’t achieve the look and be completely happy on your day.Continue reading “Advice when booking your Hair and Makeup Artist for Your wedding day.”