Cheaper Makeup Brands V’s The Expensive Brands (Highlighters!)

So these options aren’t going to be for everyone and some products are what work for me at home and some I take with me.

Ok, so lets chat about highlighters actually this post ended up being only about highlighters lol.. There are so many on the market and it depends on how bright you want to shine girl!~

The W7 highlighter (I have only seen this brand at Chemist Warehouse I think it may be only sold at here and I think stock varies per store from what I have noticed) for a price of $4 you cant go wrong in trying it..

Hopefully it hasn’t changed as they recently changed there bronzer to a bronzer shimmer and being the 2 products I use of there brand I was just a little devastated..

The colour is more of a champagne gold and I have actually used it on different skin tones and it works well.  I can build it up which is what I like because we all like our own level of glow.

A fluffy fan brush that isn’t too thick works well to apply it on the cheek bones and I also add a little above the eyebrows down to the temples (even just what’s left on the brush) this can finish off the highlight perfectly.

I have tried the Farsali Jelly Beam which was more of a pink base it was ok though expensive and it dried up on me very quick I think half way or less into the jar and it struggled to work with products such as dura-line which is a product from Inglot that helps with dry makeup. It could have been a faulty batch I didn’t think of that till now to be honest..

The Huda beauty pallet at the time was highly recommended it was ok but for the price point for that range it needs to work better than what is affordable on the market, more than just a name if that makes sense.

There are others but I cant remember them all and wanted to give you a cheaper option to explore.

For dewy skin (not recommended for oily skin) add your oil, use a hydrating foundation, limit your powder (add to places like the nose and around the eyes) and add a great hydrating spray and set. For this look I would use hairspray to hold in place.

Till next time..


Cheaper Makeup Brands V’s The Espensive

Years ago the cheaper brands were like their name might suggest pretty cheap and yep they were pretty nasty!

Eyeshadows had really low pigment content and you would use half a tub to apply one look and blending was pretty non existent! Eyeliners were pretty much the same and super hard or really soft, lack of colours from lipsticks to foundations etc though a lot has changed..

Like any brand cheap or expensive unfortunately we still have to sort through what’s great, so so or just a miss. You can find a few gems in so many places so don’t forget to look through the isles at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse because you might be pleasantly surprised and have a happier bank account and then you can splurge on your favs!

I’m going to break this post down into 2 parts so this is a few prep, base and finish ideas and then ill do another for shadows, additional products, setting etc

Skin is important so find what skincare works for you and stick to it you’ll thank yourselves later, trust me I feel you I am very lazy but once it works its magic you will do it! X

If your skin is dry and most of us suffer on the drier side of life 😉 I really liked the Farsali oil 24k Gold it was moisturising though absorbed through and didn’t look oily once finished… Bonus!

If your skin is very oily I apply a mattifying powder, then primer and on top of your makeup. I really like Arbonne’s Mattifying powder. I have had it for ages so I hope it is still available.

Ok, foundations.. The hardest part for most of us I think. I personally haven’t found one I love in on the cheaper side though to be fair I haven’t really tried them all.. I am also really fussy with how they feel on the skin. I find the ones I have tried feel drying, heavier than what I am used to and make my skin look dry and unnatural?? I like them when they almost feel non existent and just like my own skin.

I go to my fav Swiss primer and foundation from Arbonne.. Yes it is a MLM brand, no I don’t sell it and to be honest you really have to try it!

So concealers and stick foundations for me and clients I tend to pay a little more for a light weight feel of the cover which I can add to for a cover we want that feels great and hydrates.. That’s a definite bonus for me!

I have mixed Fit Me by Maybelline into these and found it works well though don’t use it on its own.

You defiantly want this when you are contouring as you need to blend.. blend and blend  again.

Powders whether it is for baking, light coverage or a translucent I’m still looking around so I will get back to you on that one.. Australis had a baking style powder though it was white it worked pretty good though the lid I could never get back on 😦

As you get older they can add volume to creases and settle which I am not a fan of. The back of the hand test can be great judge on how it settles and if you can blend it, yes you will have product on to which can help. Though I may have found a winner so I will give you a few in my next post 🙂

I found a really nice bronzer from W7 which was around the $4 mark and it was on par with two I had bought for around the $45 mark so I was impressed though I think it has been discontinued as when I went to purchase a new one from Chemist Warehouse it was a bronzer glow which is not what I was after.

Much Love





Renewing my vows on our tenth year!!

I love weddings, I work with brides and its just a happy place to be when there is little drama..? 🙂

I love magazines more so than jumping online, the smell ripping or folding over my favorite pages. Even though I was married 7 years ago i want to celebrate again which will be our 10th year wedding anniversary and 20 years together! I dont feel old enough! And that deserves celebrating don’t you think??

We didn’t have a photographer and missed the important shots and it was small and intimate and still perfect but this is what this girl wants to do excuses aside hehe!

Ok so were moving into our new home in a year or so, so I thought I would have the ceremony and party there maybe… Depending if i can be bothered with the clean up before and afterwards with work and kids!!

I would love a photo shoot with us and my 3 kids in a field and just capture as many as possible, come home take some getting ready with my daughter and then of course everyone who attends x

I have attached a few ideas of what i have stuck with over the last year or two..The female brain changes its mind so much..

I love the look of the flowing skirts or even a structured gown that is simple.

With food I just want a gorgeous antipasto nibble table and lots of whisky to enjoy into the night! 🙂

Well that’s the start, I want to share it with you because its fun and i love the diversities in weddings and the options are really now endless!

For wedding makeup and hair jump onto

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a fabulous start to 2018. Bring in the new year with new hope, goals and excitement.

Have you noticed there is just too many makeup brands to choose from now! its getting hard for everybody and a very expensive task to try them all.

When watching Youtube or Instagram and you hear brands being mentioned, please try and test before you buy as I have made the mistake of trusting too many bloggers etc and just not personally enjoying the product for me or clients!

I hope to post some good products to try shortly, affordable and on the upper spectrum to help in any way. Though as I mentioned go into the store and try before you buy or take home a sample.

Chat soon xo

Is my complexion Warm or Cool?

sw_skin_tone_graphicWarm complexions comprise of about 75 percent of the worlds population with their beautiful golden sun glow.

Think sun colours… gold’s, coppers, oranges, bricks… any colour with more prominent yellow undertone. These colours look most natural on a warm complexion. However that does not mean that you cannot wear cool colours, it will just look more vibrant against your skin.

Am I cool Toned?
ON the other hand comprise the other 25 percent of the worlds population, cold tones is having pink, rose or blue tones.

Tones of jewels such as amethyst, sapphire, ruby, emeralds and silver, blue and grey.

Once again cool tones can venture into warm tones though will look more vibrant.

To see pictures of women of warm and cool skin tones click on

Red hot lips! How to choose the perfect red lip.
A red lip is a staple and the age old question is “which red works for me?”

Now that you know if you are warm or cool you need to decide if need to wear a natural red or drama.

Warm complexions should look for a brick red for a more natural look. To be bold try wearing a colour with cool undertones. Such as orange/tangerine red.

The most natural red for a cool complexion will be a blue based or berry red. if you wish to dramatic look choose a burgundy or wine shade.

Play around and mix a few shades and feel which works best for you and which makes you feel sexy or most comfortable.



How to beautify before your big event!

In the week leading to your day after you have already confirmed with your Hair and Makeup Artist etc its now just about getting your hair, skin and nails ready.


I recommend getting your nails done the week of, especially if your not used to having acrylics.. They take some time to get used too!

If your not having your toe nails done at the salon I would wait until the day before when you have a quiet moment to apply them beautifully and allow yourself the time to sit and let them dry.


The skin does need extra time though don’t stress if you haven’t been looking after your it. The stress of your day can cause breakouts so if anything drink lots of water and eat as good as humanly possible amongst the chaos! If you do get a pimple don’t pick at it, its hard not to I know!

Make sure your cleansing with a PH balanced cleanser if possible at least daily. The skin can be quite dry so I would recommend a good organic coconut oil if you don’t have a good moisturiser. It is one oil that can be fully absorbed and good for the skin. If your worried just apply a small amount to hydrate.

I recommend cleansing and moisturising both the night before and before Hair and Makeup arrive.


Exfoliate and moisturise a few times the week of your wedding to ensure its smooth and looking fabulous! This will also help if your having a spray tan or applying a tan yourself.

If you are having a spray tan I would test out the company your using twice before the day to ensure the quality is spot on (I see too many horrible spray tans!!!)

You can also apply yourself as long as you rub in your tan with a mitt (to stop it rubbing off and lingering on your fingers) until your skin tugs I find there fabulous. Try the home solutions in the lead up to the day to ensure your happy with the colour and tone and also how many times you need to apply to reached your desired intensity.

When you have the right one apply after dinner two days before then allow it to dry with no restricting clothes on or none at all :;). You can then reapply to get the level you need. moisturise the skin the night before and when your getting on the day


I recommend using a quality conditioner with as little chemicals as possible always though especially at this time.

I would have a hair trim only if needed! Speak to your hair stylist at your trial. If needed have one at least a week out so the hair has time to settle. Make sure to tell the hairdresser how much or how much not to remove!

If you are colouring your hair and or extensions I would also get this done a week out to give you time if needed to change any horror stories and allow it to settle.

This is also not the time to try a new hairdresser make sure you have one you rely and depend upon to give you the colour you need or die trying!

Get yourself a really good leave in or treatment from a hair store and apply twice that week though not to use the day before.

I recommend my clients washing their hair the day before and having a blow dry at a salon if possible to allow it to settle.


Have a fabulous day beautiful!


Creating Dewy Skin When You Suffer With Dry Skin

Women’s skin can be really dry and dehydrated at times and makes for a dull or dry makeup finish.

Here a few things I recommend to give you the best finish.

You have to look after your skin, quality skincare look for Swiss and German brands work better I find. Cleanse daily and if all you have is coconut oil then use it will absorb to a deeper level than many skincare products.

I use a quality Swiss Arbonne primer to hydrate and allow the foundation to be buffed into the skin though it adds a layer of protection.

if the skin is still dry I use an oil over the foundation and buff so that it absorbs and if the skin is dry it will happily absorb it anyway.

I like to Farasali 24 carat rose gold oil. I apply it with a stippling brush and dab gently you can add a little more foundation if needed. This will give the skin a healthy even dewy look if desired.

A little highlighter on the cheek bones, nose cupid bows and on the brow bones will also go a long way to adding light and the appearance of beautiful skin.



How do you get your curls to stay!?

Its tricky but can be done right if its done right?!

Ok so if your curling your hair I would suggest your hair a day old so it has settled.

To prep the hair, I either add a light texturizing hairspray and then pining the hair for the hair to curl remove and then lightly spray.

You can add mouse to keep the curl hard till you style though its not as soft as the previous option.

If you NEED your curls bouncy and to hold I would go with trick number 1 for as long as possible.




Should you hire a makeup artist for your wedding day? a makeup artist will be a new experience for many brides-to-be, so not only can it be daunting, it can be difficult to know how and where to source an expert makeup artist. Having a professional apply your makeup on the big day can be a lovely treat, but if you’re unsure if you want one, read on and your beauty blunders will be resolved.
Wedding makeup artist tip 1: The basics
If you’re in the process of searching for a bridal makeup artist then our top advice is to try and find one by recommendation. Ask married friends, your photographer, your hairdresser or you can request a suppliers list from the wedding venue.  Or you could always use forums to ask other brides. Once you’ve found two or three makeup artists with a promising portfolio, contact them to obtain a quote and to check their availability. makeup artist fees can vary and will be dependent on their experience, products and their location in relation to you. Do find out which makeup products the artist uses, as a good one should carry premium brands to ensure makeup longevity and a professional looking finish.
Wedding makeup artist tip 2: Getting started
Once you have found the right makeup artist you should book a makeup trial. A trial is recommended for a number of reasons; so you can get to know the makeup artist, discuss requirements and make sure the look created is right. Plus, it’s a great experience and gives you the opportunity to pick up a few beauty tips. Bridal makeup trials should usually take a couple of hours and are normally carried out around 4-8 weeks prior to the wedding date. Some handy hints here are to book your trial for the morning so you have the whole day to road test your makeup. Also, book your hair trial for the same day so you can see the wedding look as a whole. You should only need one trial if you have found a professional and if it isn’t perfect on first go your artist is there to alter and work with you. The only time you need to book in another artist is if they are incredibly unprofessional, unreliable or there final finish is hideous.
Please note: You do only need to book in the bride for both Hair and Makeup to save costs. For your bridal party you can supply a range of pictures for the artist to use as reference on the day.
Wedding makeup artist tip 3: What to expect
A makeup artist should always carry out a consultation before any makeup application commences. The makeup specialist will ask questions about the look you want them to create and about your skin type so they can select appropriate products for your skin’s needs.  Once you have had your makeover, this is your opportunity to give feedback – don’t be shy, ladies. Be sure to express exactly what you want for your wedding day. At the end of your trial your makeup artist will document the products and techniques used so they can recreate the perfect look on your wedding day.
Wedding makeup artist tip 3: Check list
Some brides might panic in the last stages of wedding planning and haphazardly contact the first makeup artist they come across. Perhaps they’ve had a run-in with their rouge or a bust-up with their bronzer and they seek professional help in a hurry. However, something so important shouldn’t be rushed into. Keep the following pointers in mind before you hand over your cash, and your complexion!
A skilled and professional makeup artist…
•Has the skills and professional products to keep your makeup looking fresh and flawless all day
•Understands how flash photography affects the appearance of makeup, therefore selects and supplies appropriate cosmetics
•Provides peace of mind and reassurance for those who lack confidence in their own appearance – they will put you at ease and assure you that you will look how you intend to
•Saves you time and money in researching and sourcing your own cosmetics
•Gives you professional one-to-one advice during your makeup trial, helping achieve the most from your beauty and skincare regime
•Is a useful member of the wedding team; a good makeup artist will not stop at the makeup. They will assist with buttonholes, dresses and fascinators where needed
•Is great for calming last minute nerves and will put any concerns at ease
•Provides an enjoyable pampering treatment so the bride can sit and relax
Wedding makeup artist tip 5: Still unsure about booking a makeup artist?
Even if you are fabulous at applying your own makeup nerves and jitters can make this job quite difficult. I couldn’t pass the brushes to another professional on my wedding day and it was just too much doing my own and my bridesmaids makeup. Once I got to the lashes I was a bundle of energy and just couldn’t get them on. Things like this can happen to professional artists and time definitely flies on your wedding day.

Good Luck xo