Cheaper Makeup Brands V’s The Expensive Brands (Highlighters!)

So these options aren’t going to be for everyone and some products are what work for me at home and some I take with me.

Ok, so lets chat about highlighters actually this post ended up being only about highlighters lol.. There are so many on the market and it depends on how bright you want to shine girl!~

The W7 highlighter (I have only seen this brand at Chemist Warehouse I think it may be only sold at here and I think stock varies per store from what I have noticed) for a price of $4 you cant go wrong in trying it..

Hopefully it hasn’t changed as they recently changed there bronzer to a bronzer shimmer and being the 2 products I use of there brand I was just a little devastated..

The colour is more of a champagne gold and I have actually used it on different skin tones and it works well.  I can build it up which is what I like because we all like our own level of glow.

A fluffy fan brush that isn’t too thick works well to apply it on the cheek bones and I also add a little above the eyebrows down to the temples (even just what’s left on the brush) this can finish off the highlight perfectly.

I have tried the Farsali Jelly Beam which was more of a pink base it was ok though expensive and it dried up on me very quick I think half way or less into the jar and it struggled to work with products such as dura-line which is a product from Inglot that helps with dry makeup. It could have been a faulty batch I didn’t think of that till now to be honest..

The Huda beauty pallet at the time was highly recommended it was ok but for the price point for that range it needs to work better than what is affordable on the market, more than just a name if that makes sense.

There are others but I cant remember them all and wanted to give you a cheaper option to explore.

For dewy skin (not recommended for oily skin) add your oil, use a hydrating foundation, limit your powder (add to places like the nose and around the eyes) and add a great hydrating spray and set. For this look I would use hairspray to hold in place.

Till next time..


These Arbonne makeup brushes girls tick all the boxes!

As a makeup artist not using brushes is a little freaky to me. Iv tried using my fingers to apply my foundation and even beauty sponge blenders but its hard work and my makeup doesn’t seem to last as long and I love a flawless finish..

I have to let you girls know about these brushes because when we need to purchase brushes for home or for even for work there are just so many things we are looking for. When you just want to get a few good brushes for home the choices are a little blah to be honest!
Some of the ones iv seen there ok though but there still around $20 each. Most companies offer brushes separately and I tell you that becomes really expensive. I have spent $68 alone on one brush which is just nuts (though needed for work and used for each job so justified..)

The brushes I’m reviewing are Arbonne here are a Swiss company though you can purchase here in Australia so don’t stress and they are 100% synthetic and absolute genius. They tick the boxes for me, which are how well they blend, softness, strength, being economical, product pick up and minimal product waste so girls with these brushes girls im ticking..

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When you are working in the trade there are additional brushes you will need of course but most of your kit is here.

I use these brushes at home though I also take these to work with me every day. I have only changed my brushes twice in 5 years and that was just because I felt like doing so. The hairs don’t fall out and the glue is considerably strong.

Below is the large size which is perfect for most things like powders, blush, contouring, larger eye brushes, brows and a lip brush.

.Arbonne brushes, cheap brushes, the best makeup brushes


This 10 piece brush set is only $50 which is so incredibly cheap for professional quality brushes. I have had mine for a long time and they withstand stand weekly or twice weekly cleaning.

The travel size brush set (below) I love for the eye brushes their smaller than the larger one. When you’re looking for eye brushes look for brushes that have a flatter tip so you can get into the corners though you can apply while shading both ways.

brushes travel sz - Copy


If you use these brushes I’d love your thoughts, how do you find them?

If you want to purchase let me know I have a contact who can get your brushes out to you in a few days.

Hope you enjoy your week lovelies xx