Cheaper Makeup Brands V’s The Expensive Brands (Highlighters!)

  So these options aren’t going to be for everyone and some products are what work for me at home and some I take with me. Ok, so lets chat about highlighters actually this post ended up being only about highlighters lol.. There are so many on the market and it depends on how brightContinue reading “Cheaper Makeup Brands V’s The Expensive Brands (Highlighters!)”

Cheaper Makeup Brands V’s The Espensive

Years ago the cheaper brands were like their name might suggest pretty cheap and yep they were pretty nasty! Eyeshadows had really low pigment content and you would use half a tub to apply one look and blending was pretty non-existent! Eyeliners were pretty much the same and super hard or really soft, lack ofContinue reading “Cheaper Makeup Brands V’s The Espensive”

Renewing my vows on our tenth year!!

I love weddings, I work with brides and its just a happy place to be when there is little drama..? 🙂 I love magazines more so than jumping online, the smell ripping or folding over my favorite pages. Even though I was married 7 years ago i want to celebrate again which will be ourContinue reading “Renewing my vows on our tenth year!!”

Is my complexion Warm or Cool?

Warm complexions comprise of about 75 percent of the worlds population with their beautiful golden sun glow. Think sun colours… gold’s, coppers, oranges, bricks… any colour with more prominent yellow undertone. These colours look most natural on a warm complexion. However that does not mean that you cannot wear cool colours, it will just lookContinue reading “Is my complexion Warm or Cool?”

How to beautify before your big event!

In the week leading to your day after you have already confirmed with your Hair and Makeup Artist etc its now just about getting your hair, skin and nails ready. Nails. I recommend getting your nails done the week of, especially if your not used to having acrylics.. They take some time to get used too! IfContinue reading “How to beautify before your big event!”

Creating Dewy Skin When You Suffer With Dry Skin

Women’s skin can be really dry and dehydrated at times and makes for a dull or dry makeup finish. Here a few things I recommend to give you the best finish. You have to look after your skin, quality skincare look for Swiss and German brands work better I find. Cleanse daily and if allContinue reading “Creating Dewy Skin When You Suffer With Dry Skin”