Eyeshadows! So many options..

Eyeshadows have come such a long way they are getting better though cheaper ones can be a bit of a hit and miss. sometimes they surprise me and if you don’t shadow all the time it’s worth 30 minutes or so testing a few.
I tend to buy pallets mostly due to how many colours I need for work though I also have a few for home when going out. The Morphe pallets are $36 for around 20 colours and last quite awhile. Great if your getting ready mostly at home or happy to take it with you :). They also have smaller ones too which have some good colour options. they are an affordable option and pretty good too.
If your out shopping wether it be Sephora, Mecca or chemist warehouse find a colour or the colour pallet you like and firstly make sure it transfers the same as the colour your looking at so you don’t have to keep applying again and again to get any colour from the product. Secondly make sure it blends well when applied, even with your fingers. slightly softer shadows tend to blend better and easier also.
When purchasing pigments, shimmers or glitters I would have a look at Inglots range they truly last and some are just beautiful and can be added to inner eyes and top of shadows the choice is limitless really.
To hold your shadow especially for big days and awesome nights out a primer and base or base and powder (to avoid creasing and to hold in place) minimising oils on the crease is a must.

The brushes I recommend for the eyes are a soft fluffy slightly larger brush a smaller soft though firmer brush and 2 flat style medium size brushes to blend liner corners and to apply shimmer and highlight.

Makeup can be fun with practise, you’ve got this!
Chat soon lovelies xo

Published by makeuphairstyling

I have worked as a professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for the past 10 years. I specialise in bridal, fashion and event styling.

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