Renewing my vows on our tenth year!!

I love weddings, I work with brides and its just a happy place to be when there is little drama..? 🙂

I love magazines more so than jumping online, the smell ripping or folding over my favorite pages. Even though I was married 7 years ago i want to celebrate again which will be our 10th year wedding anniversary and 20 years together! I dont feel old enough! And that deserves celebrating don’t you think??

We didn’t have a photographer and missed the important shots and it was small and intimate and still perfect but this is what this girl wants to do excuses aside hehe!

Ok so were moving into our new home in a year or so, so I thought I would have the ceremony and party there maybe… Depending if i can be bothered with the clean up before and afterwards with work and kids!!

I would love a photo shoot with us and my 3 kids in a field and just capture as many as possible, come home take some getting ready with my daughter and then of course everyone who attends x

I have attached a few ideas of what i have stuck with over the last year or two..The female brain changes its mind so much..

I love the look of the flowing skirts or even a structured gown that is simple.

With food I just want a gorgeous antipasto nibble table and lots of whisky to enjoy into the night! 🙂

Well that’s the start, I want to share it with you because its fun and i love the diversities in weddings and the options are really now endless!

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