Is my complexion Warm or Cool?

sw_skin_tone_graphicWarm complexions comprise of about 75 percent of the worlds population with their beautiful golden sun glow.

Think sun colours… gold’s, coppers, oranges, bricks… any colour with more prominent yellow undertone. These colours look most natural on a warm complexion. However that does not mean that you cannot wear cool colours, it will just look more vibrant against your skin.

Am I cool Toned?
ON the other hand comprise the other 25 percent of the worlds population, cold tones is having pink, rose or blue tones.

Tones of jewels such as amethyst, sapphire, ruby, emeralds and silver, blue and grey.

Once again cool tones can venture into warm tones though will look more vibrant.

To see pictures of women of warm and cool skin tones click on

Red hot lips! How to choose the perfect red lip.
A red lip is a staple and the age old question is “which red works for me?”

Now that you know if you are warm or cool you need to decide if need to wear a natural red or drama.

Warm complexions should look for a brick red for a more natural look. To be bold try wearing a colour with cool undertones. Such as orange/tangerine red.

The most natural red for a cool complexion will be a blue based or berry red. if you wish to dramatic look choose a burgundy or wine shade.

Play around and mix a few shades and feel which works best for you and which makes you feel sexy or most comfortable.



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