How to beautify before your big event!

In the week leading to your day after you have already confirmed with your Hair and Makeup Artist etc its now just about getting your hair, skin and nails ready.


I recommend getting your nails done the week of, especially if your not used to having acrylics.. They take some time to get used too!

If your not having your toe nails done at the salon I would wait until the day before when you have a quiet moment to apply them beautifully and allow yourself the time to sit and let them dry.


The skin does need extra time though don’t stress if you haven’t been looking after your it. The stress of your day can cause breakouts so if anything drink lots of water and eat as good as humanly possible amongst the chaos! If you do get a pimple don’t pick at it, its hard not to I know!

Make sure your cleansing with a PH balanced cleanser if possible at least daily. The skin can be quite dry so I would recommend a good organic coconut oil if you don’t have a good moisturiser. It is one oil that can be fully absorbed and good for the skin. If your worried just apply a small amount to hydrate.

I recommend cleansing and moisturising both the night before and before Hair and Makeup arrive.


Exfoliate and moisturise a few times the week of your wedding to ensure its smooth and looking fabulous! This will also help if your having a spray tan or applying a tan yourself.

If you are having a spray tan I would test out the company your using twice before the day to ensure the quality is spot on (I see too many horrible spray tans!!!)

You can also apply yourself as long as you rub in your tan with a mitt (to stop it rubbing off and lingering on your fingers) until your skin tugs I find there fabulous. Try the home solutions in the lead up to the day to ensure your happy with the colour and tone and also how many times you need to apply to reached your desired intensity.

When you have the right one apply after dinner two days before then allow it to dry with no restricting clothes on or none at all :;). You can then reapply to get the level you need. moisturise the skin the night before and when your getting on the day


I recommend using a quality conditioner with as little chemicals as possible always though especially at this time.

I would have a hair trim only if needed! Speak to your hair stylist at your trial. If needed have one at least a week out so the hair has time to settle. Make sure to tell the hairdresser how much or how much not to remove!

If you are colouring your hair and or extensions I would also get this done a week out to give you time if needed to change any horror stories and allow it to settle.

This is also not the time to try a new hairdresser make sure you have one you rely and depend upon to give you the colour you need or die trying!

Get yourself a really good leave in or treatment from a hair store and apply twice that week though not to use the day before.

I recommend my clients washing their hair the day before and having a blow dry at a salon if possible to allow it to settle.


Have a fabulous day beautiful!


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I have worked as a professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for the past 10 years. I specialise in bridal, fashion and event styling.

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