Trialing your Hair and Makeup, q and a’s to ask.

When you pick your hair and makeup artist and you have booked in your trial there are a few things you can do to ensure it goes smoothly.

I recommend having a think about the style of wedding and dress you are wearing? Would you like it to all fit together in some way? For example is your wedding a Boho, vintage, relaxed beach or classic theme or is your dress have a particular feel? This may help in the process decision making.

Then I honestly recommend sitting down by yourself or with a good friend and really think about how you would feel with your hair.. Down, or an up do and then working your way to whether you would like a side part any detail through the hair, hair to sit to the side or visible from the front. Go with what you like and what you feel most comfortable wearing?

Don’t stress if you haven’t decided on a hair piece for your trial I will be able to alter the hair slightly if needed and we will discuss the headpiece before styling on your wedding day.

Even if you know your style, jump online and create a folder and paste any picture at this stage you like for you. Spend quite a while with this process, don’t leave to the last minute as it takes time and is crucial to your final look.

To narrow down your search I would keep shortlisting your options and adding the ones you like least in a sub folder, soon your favorite look will come about and if it doesn’t you can always incorporate the favorite parts of certain hairstyles you like or get the advice from the stylist as to what suits you, your dress and the shape of your shape.

With your makeup it is a similar process. I would recommend staying within a similar feel to what you may normally wear. Obviously on this day you will wear more though if you wear natural makeup I would personally keep with the natural look though with the right intensity for your day. This will also avoid a slight shock from some husbands who prefer you with as little as possible.

With photography it can lighten all colours and intensity on the day. If you want to go very natural and nude lips without a depth of colour in your photos it can appear you aren’t wearing any so that’s where it is up to me to get your intensity right on and off camera and to a point where it isn’t too much for you in real life.

I also recommend false lashes unless you are wearing extensions. Even if you have long lashes I would still add a pair or a couple for definition, length or fullness. They make your photos and eyes look fabulous and you won’t regret choosing them. There are many different styles so there will be a style suited to you.

Here are a few questions I recommend having a think about and for example I will ask you before or during our trial.

If you have a range of shots look at the height of the hair or the intensity of the Makeup?

Would you like a similar effect?


Hair Styling

Hair Down
Would you like your hair down?
To the side?
Pinned up at one side?
Would you like a middle, side or deep side part?
Will you be wearing a head piece or veil?
Do you need to style according to your head piece?
Are you after a soft romantic look, classic or slightly messy?
Would you like your hair visible from the front?
I recommend seeing some hair from the front, it does soften your look?

An up style?
would you like a soft romantic style?
Slightly messy?
Sleek hair?
Side, middle or deep side?
Natural or high volume?
Curly texture?
Will you like detail such as twists, braids, curls etc?
Would you like a side or back do?
Visible from both sides
Would you like hair slightly visible if wearing to the side (recommended?)
Are you thinking of wearing a head piece or veil?

With your Makeup
Intensity of the eyes, lips etc?
Also think about your eye liner would you like it softened, winged or a stronger line? Underneath the eyes will you like shading, waterline or just mascara?
What do normally wear?
Contour, baking?
Natural shaping?
Dewy skin, matte, or highlighted?
False lashes?
Eye shadow colours?
Nude, deep, light or bright?
Do you like additional blush?


The above are just a few things to think about and with images together will mean if you can communicate and your artist does listen, you will have an easy going trial and a happy one!

Good luck xo


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I have worked as a professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for the past 10 years. I specialise in bridal, fashion and event styling.

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